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Drainage channels are required wherever surface liquids have to be drained from the wide area of floor and especially at the Wash-down areas (e.g. food production and kitchens).

Standard Channels are designed with the bottom slope of 1% and do not require slope of the floor for draining. In combination with the appropriate floor drains at the channel outlet full drainage effect is achieved. Position of the outlet can be central or side depending on the channel layout.

Standard Drainage Channels are supplied with Standard ROFO Stainless Steel Grating cover, but they can also be supplied with any other type of cover for special applications. However, regardless of type of cover used they are all designed to be durable enough to carry normal traffic.

On request channels can be also equipped with mesh trays to prevent solid particulars to get into a channel. This especially if floor drains are not implemented.

Drainage channels are easy to clean and fully visible inside, which makes them easy for maintenance.

Drainage Channels are manufactured to any layout.

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