Water Reticulation ASTM B88-89

Application: A seamless copper tube suitable for general plumbing and similar conveyance or fluids in domestic water service and distribution, solar heating and fire protection.
Quality: A quality product mainly supplied in the “as drawn” temper in straight lengths which have been individually non-destructively tested.
Mechanical Properties: Tensile Strength 290 Mpa / min
Elongation min 3%
Hardness > 100VPN
Temper: Hard Drawn.
Packaging: Bundled and Plastic wrapped.
Joining: These tubes are suitably connected by means of capillary solder fittings.
Bending: Not suitable for bending. Use with capillary fittings.



Water Reticulation

Indicates the European recommended dimensions
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Half hard tube with excellent bending qualities.
Recommended for use with capillary soldered fittings and compression fittings above ground and with compression fittings below ground.

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