Plumbing Tubes: Drawn or "T" Joints

The "Drawing" of tee joints from straight length pipes as an alternative to the use of capillary tee joints is a standard practice worldwide. This method is recommended by Maksal providing the following points are adhered to:

  • The method or operation of tooling is in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the branch pipe is not entered too deep into the feed pipe so as to restrict flow.
  • All drawn “T” joints should be brazed NOT soldered, normal method of brazing to be followed with the exception of heat source.
  • Recommended heat source LP Gas and indiction air rather than oxy-acetylene.
  • Maksal’s recommended sizes of “T” joints which may be drawn from the standard copper tube sizes and classes are not exceeded.
  • Due to the very short socket depth produced with this method the tube support holderbat positioning is important so as to remove undue stresses or strains from the joint area.

Drawn or T Joints

This method of joining can eliminate up to two thirds of the normal joints using the standard capillary fitting system. Inherent in this a reduced possibility of leaks and substantial installation costs savings.

Attention to detail and the above points linked with good workmanship will ensure these benefits are obtained. This principal applies equally to the overall use of copper tubing and any of the recommended available jointing methods. Correct procedures learnt and applied produces professional workmanship and good joints whichever method is used.

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