Accessories: Outlet Valves

CP Handle With Sleeve (Short)
CP handle with Bush and Nut
CP Handle With Sleeve (Long)
Swivel Lever Arm
Beta Valve Lever Arm
Syphonic Lever Arm
Split Pin (4 X 37)
1 ¾" Conical Washer
1 ½" Conical Washer
1 ¾" Sealing Washer
1 ½" Back Nut
1 ¾" Back Nut
1 ¾" Cap Nut
1 ½" Cap Nut
1 ¾" Low Level Flush Pipe
1 ½" Low Level Flush Pipe
1 ¾" Semi Close Couple Flush Pipe
1 ¾" 90° Flush Pipe
1 ¾" Flush Pipe For Concealed Cistern
Close Couple Foam Ring
Fixation Screws (Long)
Fixation Screws (Short)
Beta Valve Dropper Pin
Flush Pipe Connector (Black)
Flush Pipe Connector (White)
Rubber Bung (Black)
Tap Hole Stopper
Cistern Stopper (White)
Cistern Stopper (Chrome)
Single Top Push Button Assembly
Plastic Handle Assembly
Adjusting Rod For Supa Flush
Lever Hook For Supa Flush
Dual Flush Button Assembly
Supa Flush Sealing Washer
Beta Valve Sealing Washer (Flat)
Beta Valve Sealing Washer (Lipped)

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