The Eco-mite is a true Ecological sanitation (Ecosan) technology which works on the principle of batched process dehydration. It incorporates a urine diversion toilet pan which separates the liquids from the solids at source. The faeces accumulates in a specially designed basket where it is dehydrated (aerobically) in the dome. Use is made of two baskets which are rotated to lengthen the drying of the faeces. This Ecosan patented technology has been developed from years of experience in the industry. Pathogens are destroyed and the resultant dry matter is ideal for use as nutrient rich soil conditioner.


Eco-Mite (Dry Sanitation)

The Eco-Mite is a dry, non - water flush sanitation system which achieves the objectives of Ecological Sanitation by making use of two processes, namely: urine diversion and dehydration.

The Eco-Mite works on a batch system dehydration process which incorporates a uniquely designed urine diversion toilet pedestal that allows the urine to be seperated from the waste at source.

As the name suggests, the batching process allows waste to be collected and treated in batches. This is done by making use of two purposely designed catchmen baskets which are swapped around in sequence to allow collected waste to be exposed to prolonged periodes of high tempreture, thus rendering the dry waste harmless. Another name for these toilets is the composting toilet.

Size: 350L

Dimensions: 1.58m x 1.6m

Available Colours: Black

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