Portable Toilets

Atlas Plastics manufactures a wide rage of toilets to meet all your sanitation needs. Our toilets have been developed through research and development as well as years of industry experience. Atlas Plastics mobile toilets are proven and tested for South African made for South African conditions.

Our range of portable toilets includes:

  • Plumbed
  • Unplumbed
    • Long drops
    • Digestor tanks from 1,000 – 2000 litres
    • Conservancy tanks – Honeysucker truck empties tanks on a regular basis
    • Connection of overflow to Council drains
    • Urinal separator
    • Flusher which circulates with chemicals
      • Flushing bench
      • Flushing bench tank

Portable Toilet Range from Atlas Plastics

Most South African Councils prefer full sewerage connections to avoid the risk of flow into the water table, and Atlas Plastics is well equipped to discuss these options with you.

Atlas Plastics also produces a range of Paraplegic huts, Shower huts and Chemical huts.

Paraplegic hut, Chemical hut, Shower hut

Further options for our portable toilets include:

  • Removable drums
  • Variety of hut types as shown above, including:
    • Rectangular huts
    • Round huts
    • Ribbed huts

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